Tower Hamlets Book Award 2020 shortlisting for EMPIRE’S END

EMPIRE’S END, my novel in the Scholastic Voices series, has been shortlisted for the Tower Hamlets Book Award 2020 – how exciting! It’s about Camilla, a Roman girl who makes a dangerous journey from Leptis Magna in Libya to cold, distant Britannia, along with the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus and his family. She doesn’t know that the world she has believed in for so long, is on the brink of collapse… and that her life will become something she never expected.
EMPIRE’S END is a story about migration, about emotional and physical journeys, about growing up between worlds and about what we leave behind us. It was inspired by my childhood in Libya, my experience of travelling to live in the UK aged 12, and my love of museums, which I see as places packed full of hidden stories.
Here’s the link to the full shortlist – some amazing books on there!

And the Voices series:

Empire's end by Leila Rasheed

Published by Scholastic: adventure and drama in the Roman Empire.

About Leila

Author of Chips, Beans and Limousines and other books for children and young people. Director of Megaphone writer development programme:

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