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Empire's end by Leila Rasheed

Shortlisted for the Tower Hamlets Book Award 2020







Hello! My name is Leila and I write books and stories for children and teenagers. In the ten years since I was first published, I have written
fiction and non-fiction
short stories and long novels
funny books and exciting books
– books about history, magic and science.

My most recent book is called Empire’s End. It’s the story of Camilla, a Roman girl from Leptis Magna in Libya, who sets out on an exciting and terrifying journey through the Roman Empire to the very edge of the known world – Britain. It’s shortlisted for the Tower Hamlets Book Award 2020: https://www.towerhamlets-sls.org.uk/thba20/

Book Trust said “The inclusion of real characters, places and events make Empire‚Äôs End all the more tense and thrilling…”: https://www.booktrust.org.uk/book/e/empires-end-a-roman-story/

Cover of Katherine Johnson: A Life story

Katherine Johnson: A Life story by Leila Rasheed

smiling stones

The Smiling Stones by Leila Rasheed